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Summer Performance and Changes 1

Summer Performance and Changes

A huge shout-out to my summer chamber partners violinist Ivana Carlson and cellist Carlene Soderberg. We had joined the legions of musicians whose summer programs fell victim to COVID, and so finding ways to partner to perform chamber music became our top priority. Everyone worked very hard and showed great flexibility resulting in two very…
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A new piano 2

A new piano

My recent acquisition of a Steinway Spirio B r (Steinway’s 7 foot concert grand with recording capabilities) marks I hope the beginning of the next stage of my development as a musician. Accessing the massive library of Steinway artists including among many others Lang Lang and Arthur Rubinstein, I can literally bring their precise performances…
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Community and Covid

            It’s been very gratifying to see how the musical community has reacted to the COVID-19 crisis in order to continue bringing joy to people’s hearts and minds. As would be expected, online venues offer the best mechanism for making this happen, and I anticipate looking at the various platforms each day to find out…
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Teaching 3


            Teaching has always surrounded my life. My dad has been a teacher since the mid-1980’s and when I was in high school I had the distinct pleasure of having him for sophomore history. From that class and others I learned at an early age that effective teaching is really about the transmission of cultural…
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2020 Challenges

2020 Challenges!

“The challenges are intense……” Today (Monday) school begins at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and with that the semester that will bring my freshman year to an end. Being at a conservatory, however, makes time seem to pass differently relative to say, how I felt when I attended a regular high…
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Collaboration in Musicianship

“I really learned the essence of collaboration: pack up the car and go! The result was a fun and successful tour….” Several years ago when I first approached my father about a professional collaboration with another violinist in Western North Carolina (about a 3 hour drive from our home in Greensboro) I really learned the…
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