Michael Drusdow:
Young Steinway &
Recording Artist

Young Steinway Artist & Recording Artist

About Michael

Welcome to the Online Home of Michael Drusdow!  Michael became a Young Steinway Artist in September 2016 and is dedicated to orchestral, chamber, and solo playing of his music. 

Many years of attendance at Chamber Music on the Hill (CMOTH) with teachers Karen Collins and Sarah Johnson have also been formative in engendering Michael’s passion for the arts and his skills on piano, making it his life’s goal to enrich others with beautiful music.   

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What it means to be a Steinway Artist

“Being a Young Steinway Artist has engaged me with an incredible musical community of support, collaboration, opportunity, and the encouragement and motivation to constantly pursue excellence both as a person and as a musician. Inclusion as a member of the Steinway Artist Family inspires me to always give my best whether during performance or practice, and to humbly realize that I have set forth on a lifetime journey of discovery of the most rewarding kind which is communication and personal growth through my art. The milestones of this journey are the happiness, love and joy that I bring to others through my playing and the relationships that follow.”

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