2020 Challenges!

2020 Challenges!

2020 Challenges

“The challenges are intense……”

Today (Monday) school begins at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and with that the semester that will bring my freshman year to an end. Being at a conservatory, however, makes time seem to pass differently relative to say, how I felt when I attended a regular high school thus marking the end of formal academic requirements. At a conservatory the transition out of the academic year brings with it not the typical summer job but rather the summer music festival, and this year I am auditioning for Meadowmount. It will be very competitive as they only take under ten pianists so most of my break save for my duo work in Tennessee has focused on repertoire expansion and audition practice that will carry over into the semester. The challenges are intense, but I’ll keep everyone posted regarding Meadowmount!

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