The Lotoro Project

Michael Drusdow:  The Lotoro Project

Michael Drusdow, Young Steinway Artist, is honored to announce his newest endeavor, The Lotoro Project. Inspired by the June 7, 2020 segment on 60 minutes about Francesco Lotoro who is an Italian composer that has dedicated his life to identifying, restoring, and preserving works written by Holocaust Victims as they struggled to survive in the Nazi death camps of World War II.

Michael has reached out to the Institute of Concentrationary Musical Literature in Italy in order to obtain these pieces of music from the Anthology of Concentrationary Music.

“I do not undertake this task lightly,” Michael stated earlier this week. “History teaches us that the words spoken by those who are near death have very special meaning, and so how much more the notes scribed onto whatever scraps of paper that could be creatively obtained in the midst of ethnic and racial genocide? This is music that MUST be studied deeply and felt in the heart before I even attempt to interpret it on the piano. I anticipate that this will be a lifelong labor of love and remembrance for me.”

The links to Francesco’s critical sites and the 60 minutes segements follow. Updates will be provided upon this page as they are available.